About MAC

About MAC

sealFounder’s Guiding Statement

” The MAC System has established itself with the potential to become synonymous with treating all forms of corrosion in both ferrous and non-ferrous metals.  It is the aim of MAC Team to take this Product System to World Leader Status, attaining market dominance. To this end, the Founder wishes to thank those, who, but for their faith, trust and dedication thus far in developing the System, nothing would have been realized: And to those who now pledge their total commitment to achieving this goal”.

Mission Statement

The MAC Team is committed to the combining of our research and applications essential for long-term sustainability. The MAC System has uniquely opened the path for the emergence of a molecular cure, thus eliminating the need for new corrosion-resistant alloys.  Further, reducing the usage of the most expensive alloys nickel, molybdenum and chromium.

The world as a whole is scarred by corrosion.  There are 6.3 + billion people deserving of good health, safe environments, cost effective energy and changes that aggressively improve the quality of life…..”A difference to be a difference must make a difference.”