Compelling Information: Molecular Anti Corrosion

The most compelling reason to use MAC S11 or MAC A30 as the very first coating/treatment in all and any application to totally staunch/inhibit oxidation/ rust at the actual source can be drawn in a ‘simple to understand analogy’ in medical terms for the treatment of a highly infectious/septic, life-threatening, diseased wound.

In the case of a wound, the source of infection must first be treated. The source must be reached with the most ‘potent antiseptic’ that is available as a matter of urgency.  This means to treat both above and below the surface.  There is no amount of bandage, regardless or the expert application, that is capable of handling the source of infection.  Although the infection may be covered, in time  the infection will ooze through and around the bandage.  In the case of MAC S11 and MAC A30 , they are both the most potent and effective of all ‘premium antiseptics’ that actually kill off the infection and nullify it at the originating source. MAC S11 and MAC A30 are not ‘bandage’ treatments but rather the most advanced, scientifically proven total inhibitors of rust and corrosion at the source.

Current market products and surface treatments are bandages, temporary patches and often requiring costly expert and exacting surface preparation and application by specialists and all those with very limited longevity of the treatment.

Approvals meeting US EPA regulations, EU Regulations and 18 + months of stringent field-testing have already been completed. (Data Available)

Macglobal Innovacion International

The MAC International Product/System is ‘flag-shipped’ by its revolutionary, fully developed, fully tested ‘penetrate coatings’ known commercially as MAC S11 (homogenized/clear) coatings; and its sister coating MAC A30 which is non-homogenized and is aluminum in color finish.

MAC S11 and MAC A30 were developed with the knowledge, that unless you can totally remove all traces oxygen and moisture from the sub-strata of the metal in a coating application, the treatment is merely covering up and hiding the corrosion or rust problem until it manifests itself; unseen below the coating until it eventually breaks through the coating allowing further ingresses of moisture, oxygen and other pollutants and corrosive materials to corrupt the exposed metal surface.

MAC S11 an MAC A30 have been highly developed and engineered to be able to actually penetrate the sub-strata of the metal’s surface and in so doing, exude or force all the moisture and oxygen from the metal sub-strata.   Without those two elements (MOISTURE AND OXYGEN), rust or oxidization is not possible.

During the actual application of the MAC S11 or the MAC A30 coatings, the penetrating process is instantaneous and once the moisture and oxygen has been forced out of the pores in the sub-strata, the coating remains in the actual pores and then cures and hardens to set up a myriad of inverted anchors within the sub-strata and the remainder of the coating that is on the metal lattice (surface) is then anchored and firmly adhered to the metal surface.  Mere surface adhesion is dramatically enhanced with this process and eliminates delamination of the MAC coating and subsequent coatings.

Once cured, the MAC coatings retain their suppleness and do not become brittle or fragile and in so doing act in concert with the coefficient of the host metal so the effects of expansion and contraction, flexing or bending, vibration and other factors which normally cause delamination of most other coatings does not exist with MAC.

Most other coatings require a very high degree of surface preparation, which is very costly and very time consuming when one considers the cost of removal, containment and disposal of the existing coatings.   In an after market environment, the manufacture’s surface preparation requirement or specification of other coatings is not physically achievable resulting for the most part in short term treatment and/or early failure and recurrence of rust and corrosion.   In addition, in most cases, other coatings require a very exacting application technique and waste factors are high, very high in some cases and do not function as molecular.

MAC coatings require little or nil surface preparation and once cured are compatible with most other secondary or tertiary coatings which may be specified to combat other corrosive/erosive elements such as abrasion, impact or the ingress of corrosive pollutants.

MAC coatings are also very easy to apply and are a single component coating system which eliminates a whole raft of problems normally associated with the actual application of other coatings such as, but not limited to; over mixing/under mixing in two-pot products, slip-factor; shelf life (MAC has a shelf life of 5-7 years even in a container that has been opened and resealed.   This benefit eliminates on-site and storage wastage through negligence or ignorance and or product passing it ‘use-by-date’.

The MAC products were specifically developed to meet a myriad of problems, not only actual corrosion or rust problems, but also environmental and actual application prospective.  MAC is easy to apply, has proven and tested longevity for total inhibition of rust and corrosion and has Zero Toxicity and is ‘green’ and environmentally protective in the preservation of the CARBON FOOTPRINT.  The manufacturing and distribution price points are proven to be highly cost effective when compared with more conventional, complicated product systems.


The MAC Coatings System has been fully evaluated scientifically in labs, yard and field testing by some of the world’s most independent, highly accredited and leading testing authorities/institutes such as KTA Tator, Inc., Pittsburg, PA USA;

In addition, MAC A30 has been thoroughly tested for use as a ‘single coat application’ in totally inhibiting rust and corrosion of re-bar and mesh used in concrete construction, both as a pre-treatment and a remedial treatment to combat ‘concrete cancer’ / ‘concrete spalling’.

All claims with respect to MAC products are substantiated by independent scientific evidence, request KTA Tator, Inc. Test Report.